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About Affable Consultation in Virginia
Custom plans and guidance for higher learning

Are you ready to become financially secure? Affable Consultation can help.

We work with clients to create actionable plans for their personal finances and new businesses. No matter your current level of wealth, we'll help you reduce debt, plan for retirement, and achieve your personal finance goals.

A lack of education can hold you back from achieving everything you want in life. If you want to return to school for your GED, Bachelor's degree, or Master's degree, Affable Consultation provides guidance and insight from selecting a program through application and acceptance.

If your business development has stalled, or you’re lost trying to take the next steps to launch your enterprise, our business innovation services can help. We mentor new business owners struggling to take the next steps.

Affable Consultation is your partner in securing a future of success.

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Financial Planning Services for Richmond, VA and beyond
Guidance, advice, your path to a better future

Affable Consultation is a pleasant and courteous consultation company that's ready to meet your financial planning needs.

We understand every generation needs guidance in education or financial competency, so we offer effective consulting services for all life stages. Working with parents and teens, we help them develop a foundational understanding of their finances and strategies for their educational future. Our consultants offer young families actionable plans for finishing higher education while juggling a hectic work schedule and childcare.

Affable Consulting provides an approachable and friendly atmosphere for people ready to forge a new future through innovative ways. We work one on one with clients to navigate society's latest developments in education and finance, making your future economic stability and growth a reality.

Affable Consultation customizes its services to each client's individual needs. All consultations require a $25 deposit, which is then put towards the final payment.

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Ready for a better future? Affable Consultation will get you there.

Whether you're struggling with personal finances or launching a new business, we're your partner in building a better future. Get in touch today.

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